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The views of the employees in the organizations should be considered and there should be a proper system created to share the views.
Knowledge life-cycle Sunassee and Sewry propose a knowledge life-cycle in order to create and maintain individual and organizational learning in the organization:

  1. Create new knowledge
    1. Identify new knowledge
    2. Identify old and existing knowledge
  2. Identify knowledge relevant to organization
  3. Verify selected knowledge
  4. Capture and organize knowledge
  5. Disseminate and use knowledge
  6. Combine new knowledge and re-evaluate assumptions to create knowledge

Other CKO tasks

  • Encourage individual learning and innovative[12] thinking
  • Implement reward plans and incentives
  • Determine what technology is needed for the knowledge management effort and implement these technologies.
  • Put processes in place in order to facilitate the creation of organizational learning.
  • Measure the impact of knowledge management on the business.

Roles a CKO must play

  • CKO as Knowledge-sharing Icon
  • CKO as Trust Steward
  • CKO as Total Trainer
  • CKO as Techno Nerd
  • CKO as Number-crunching Accountant
  • CKO as Playground Monitor


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