Press Releases

The creation of the DNI has been a transformational and very tumultuous time for the intelligence community and particularly the CIA. When you ask somebody to do so much transformational change, often it makes sense to let somebody then take the agency forward from there.

Osborne suggests he has “natural leadership qualities” with his “decades of experience in the intelligence community,” government and private business world. He suggests Intelligence needs to be more human. Humans provide the best intelligence. An extrovert and “relater,” he emphasizes the value of the human connection and even intuition. The county’s core needs are changing. Citizens are fed up with corrupt government, institutions and corporations.

Transformational Leadership

Osborne doesn’t mind admitting that transformational leaders need to listen to their Spirit and ethical conscience. He advocated against “dirty tricks” and for the moral/ethical approach during his tenure with CIA. CIA is somewhat infamous for an “ends justifies the means” attitude, but Osborne claims those ends simply aren’t met with “dirty tricks,” such as those chronicled in the book of greatest hits, CIA’s Family Jewels. So, we need to consider the real effects and rework our strategy.

HUMINT or human intelligence remains one of the best forms of clandestine intelligence trade crafts though other methods such as “TECHINT” continue to play a significant role in the nation-state’s effort to obtain so called secret information. The question remains, without Covert Action (CA) could the USA still have achieved what it has? This “change agent” says, “Yes, since there is little to no evidence indicating that CA ever worked, per se.”

The sequence of events prior to shooting wars remain questionable and may be where the next transformation needs to occur. That is, once the USA deals with reduction of CA it can press on more HUMINT and TECHINT clandestine operations. Please remember there is no need for CIA clandestine operations when the Department of State and our diplomats exchange overt information with other nation-states. Useful secrets are ‘captured’ or acquired on policies, scenarios and deployments, etc. through normal espionage.

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