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We animate this darkness by remaining blind to it, and refusing open discussion in a meaningful way. Only then can we bring policy into alignment with growing desires from our citizenry for a 21st century form of national integrity, one we can all live with and take pride in throughout the world. Only then can we be active participants in our unfolding fate. Since we don’t live in an “ideal world”, such considerations necessarily remain an ongoing dialogue. The mature individual and culture understands that what we do to others, we also do to ourselves.

The Entertainment Industry offers one way of appealing directly to the public for more than a change in sentiment. Osborne executes his attempt to influence policy in a positive way through two means: 1) working within the Washington D.C. establishment with its backchannels, and 2) within the media. To this end, Osborne continues promoting his unfolding saga, as described in his book (2012) and proposed film or TV series project, BLACK MAN IN THE CIA:

The author, Osborne leads an assembly of risk managers at his firm The Osborne Group (TOG). He stresses that Covert Action (CA) is one of three types of clandestine intelligence operations. Foreign Intelligence (FI) and Counter Intelligence (CI) are the other two. Half of his CIA Case Officer training was “special operations”, as recounted in his book.  Special Operations are conducted before any shooting war starts. CIA personnel/staffers do not do special operations but supervise the agents who do terrorism, lies, propaganda etc. He was pleased with President Barack Obama’s May 2013 policy statements,  especially those indicating shifts for more United States of America (USA) “spying” and “less special operations”, aka “counter terrorism” on two counts.

  • The first count for Mr. Osborne’s strong support for the President’s policy shift is that he views it as evidence and confirmation of his personal belief in the Law of Deliberate Creation (LDC).  In short, the LDC states that what we state verbally and think mentally will manifest through spiritual dynamics.
  • Secondly, the policy announcement provides further evidence for positive intentions of the USA in the world of genuine clandestine intelligence operations. This reiterates Osborne’s feeling that “Covert Action’ (CA) as a clandestine intelligence activity has less value and less positive end results than HUMINT and counterintelligence. Osborne has repeatedly expressed these two themes in his Press Releases and public talks.

Mr. Osborne also suggests that the “fact checkers” follow his footprints. He made similar statements on June 7, 2010 when President Obama was searching for a qualified candidate to fill the DNI vacancy. He felt it worthwhile to use that opportunity to simply plant the seeds of “More Cloak and Less Dagger”. He still suggests the government move just a little faster, even beating him to the release of his proposed star vehicle, for which he suggests Terrance Howard to play himself and Ms. Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) [3] to play his wife Rose in “The Osborne Effect” [working title].

Osborne said it is time for the production of the story to manifest and encourages Tyler Perry and Oprah to consider a TV Series version of “The Osborne Effect”, which spins into related novels. The BMCIA definitely knows how to serve as a technical advisor on “stories” of national importance, as he has done with Gary Revel’s “Lady In the Red Polka Dot Dress”, on the Robert Kennedy assassination.[4-5]

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