SEATTLE CKO Kickboxing Fitness Franchise Celebrates First Anniversary

During the past year CKO Seattle has put on two 10-Week Challenges, had most, if not all members achieve body transformations, raised money for different organizations and maintained member loyalty.

“When people come to the gym their first impression is ‘wow you have a lot of bags’ quickly followed by ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’  The funny thing is those are the people who become members,” said Garrett.  “And you’re not just a member, by the way, most say at some point,  ‘You guys are like family.’ That is the biggest compliment a gym could get.”

When asked what Garett’s most memorable part of the past year has been, he was quick to answer, “I have had many people tell me that they are now more conscience of what they put into their mouths, that they have shaved minutes off their running personal best, that they are the strongest they have ever been, that they feel much more confident, or have had to buy an entire new wardrobe. The list of personal achievements goes on and on!”

“So, if you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, come by and join CKO Seattle Kickboxing,” said Garett. “You got to get hot, to be hot!”

About CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing, one of America’s fastest growing franchises according to industry standard Entrepreneur Magazine, which included the kickboxing gym franchise[1] in its Franchise 500 list of best franchises. The magazine also rated CKO Kickboxing[2], as the 48th top new franchise in 2011.

“CKO Kickboxing is emerging as one of the leading fitness franchise opportunities in the country,” he said. CKO Kickboxing also was named a 2012 Military Friendly Franchise® by G.I. Jobs Magazine.[3][4]

CKO Kickboxing continues to grow because new franchise owners receive ongoing training on how to run a business and the coaching on the latest trends in health and fitness.

“We treat our franchisee owners like they are family, because they are,” Andreula said. “They aren’t numbers or faceless profit centers. They are people who we want to help succeed. That’s why so many people, including former military members, want to take advantage of our fitness franchise opportunity[5].”

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