Exploring the ROSS and Fastcase partnership – LAC Group

Our users regularly tell us that ROSS makes for a much better experience than the old way of researching. Ultimately, the world is human, and full of human issues and questions. We think your legal research tool should be able to interact with you in the same way you interact with your peersin full sentences and complete thoughts—not words and symbols.

A: Then what do you see as the future for keyword searching and other traditional legal research methods? 

Attorneys tend to view the world in terms of black and white. You either win or you lose. You’re either guilty or you’re innocent. This of course happens with legal research methodologies as well. The attorneys at ROSS have taken a more measured approach, because we think there are still plenty of good uses for keyword search, especially when you’re not quite sure what you’re ultimate question is and want to see a bunch of cases to get the lay of the land. That’s why we’ve created a wonderful one-search bar experience, where—in the same search bar—you can search using full sentences, Boolean commands, or even good old-fashioned keyword matching without you having to toggle or select which methodology you’d like to use. ROSS understands you and brings you back what you need, regardless of how you choose to explore the law. As I said earlier, the more powerful your AI tech becomes, the simpler and more intuitive a user’s interactions with the tech should be.

ROSS pricing transparency

Q: It’s unusual for legal research platforms to clearly and openly state their pricing. Please comment on your pricing transparency and what it means for the market?

A: We make our pricing extremely transparent, because it’s affordable and we’re proud of that. $89 a month for month to month access, or $69 if you want to sign up for a year at a time. Completely unlimited use, no hidden fees. Additionally, we offer month to month pricing as well, which means our users don’t get locked into multi-year deals which we hear is something they really dislike about some of the legacy research software tools.

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